Worship is central to St. Mark, and we hope you’ll join us this weekend for one of our two opportunities to worship.  Currently all worship is online only.

Sunday at 8:30am

On Sundays, join us for a service filled with Traditional Lutheran elements and led by beautiful organ music.  Our pastors wear robes at these services, and you’ll see members both dressed up and dressed down.  We will livestream this service at stmarkwdm.online.church

Sunday at 10:30am

Each week our contemporary band leads worship, including modern songs and old favorites.  People dress more casually for this service.  We will livestream this service at stmarkwdm.online.church

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a nursery?
Due to COVID, the nursery is currently unavailable.

Are my kids welcome in worship?
We not only believe that kids are the future, but that they are an important part of who we are now. We are glad to have your whole family be a part of our services. Nursery is available as a courtesy to parents, but we know that the way kids learn about worship is to be in services regularly.

Who can take communion at St. Mark?
At St. Mark, we offer communion to anyone who wishes to receive it. We practice communion in two ways: most services you’ll receive a piece of bread that you can dip into either wine or grape juice (this is called intinction), and at the traditional services, we sometimes invite the congregation to receive the bread and wine while kneeling or standing along the altar rail.

Will I be singled out if I visit?
We won’t ask you to stand or tell people who you are if you visit. If you want to tell us you’re here, that’s easy! In every seat you’ll find a Next Steps card. Just fill it out and hand it to one of the ushers. They will be glad to give you more information about St. Mark.

Will I be asked to give money?
We believe that the service itself is a gift to our visitors. While many people support what we are doing as a church with their time and resources, we want you to know that we won’t pressure you to give. We do pass offering baskets each service, because we know many people will choose to support our ministry.

Do you have any other questions?
Contact us by emailing