Thank you for signing up for an exciting week with FOCUS VBS 2020! I am excited to partner with you as you lead Virtual VBS in your home. My hope is that these materials will help your family have an exciting, fun-filled week TAKING A CLOSER LOOK at Jesus’s great love!

I believe in FUN and hope you spend this week laughing a lot!

Click the buttons below for the resources for each day.

What does a day of Virtual VBS look like?

Great question! In short, that’s completely up to you! I suggest you begin with your Leader Devotion, a Focus Skit video and Bible Story video, then move onto the activities. You can do them all at once, spread them throughout the day… whatever works best for your family! Each kit has the supplies needed and step by step run through of how to build the activity for the day. Each day we will be posting FOCUS Skit Videos, Bible Story Videos and Worship Music Videos on this VBS webpage 

Here are the components of Virtual VBS:

FOCUS Skit Videos– There are two Skit videos everyday to help drive home the daily theme. These are anywhere from 3-6 minutes a piece.

Bible Story Videos: This is just what it sounds like, a Bible story video to help teach the daily Bible Story. For our elementary kids, this video is presented by our favorite Bible storyteller, Kellen. Our preschoolers get to hear from our favorite owl, Ollie, and his friends. These videos are about 6-8 minutes long.

Worship Music Videos: This year we have some amazing songs. I encourage you to listen to these several times throughout the day. When you visit our VBS webpage you’ll see we included the worship music videos, so that means you can even spend some time learning the dance moves!

Small Group Activities: Both preschool and elementary kids have a set of these activities. You’ll want to start this session by reading that day’s memory verse and Bible story.

Preschool Home Activities and Elementary Crafts: “Home Activities” and “Crafts” are essentially the same thing just titled different things for each age group. This is craft oriented; gluing, cutting, coloring, that sort of thing. 

Rec at Home: I encourage you to spend some time during the day playing games. I have provided four that can be used as you see fit. But this time can be anything that doesn’t involve your kids sitting down! Playing outside, a walk around the block, a little yoga, maybe even a dance party. You decide! Just get the blood pumping.

Final Notes:

You’re not alone! This year looks very different than what we’re all used to when it comes to Vacation Bible School, but don’t worry, we’re in it together! I am here for you! If you find that you’re missing supplies, have difficulty watching the daily videos, need advice about a specific activity, or just want to say hi… reach out. I’d love to hear from you.

How do I get in touch with you? I am reachable by email at any time!

Jess Gulseth, Director of Children and Family Ministry